Unfortunately, invasive species and noxious weeds are inevitable with all the traveling and exploring that takes place in the world today. Part of being a good land steward is being aware of these invaders and doing your part to help stop the spread of invasive species in your area.

BHWC Weeds Subcommittee & weed whacker’s ball now housed by montana weed control association

From 2005–2015, BHWC included the Big Hole Watershed Weeds Subcommittee, which hosted the annual “Weed Whacker’s Ball” in Wise River. In 2015, the weeds subcommittee moved to the Montana Weed Control Association (MWCA) and assumed the name “Big Hole Basin Cooperative Weed Management Working Group”. The MWCA supports noxious weed management efforts state-wide.

BHWC remains involved in weed control through community education and support of our local weed control groups.

Beaverhead County cooperative spray days

Each year, the Beaverhead County Weed District coordinates and facilitates several volunteer weed spraying opportunities throughout the county, many of which take place in the Big Hole watershed. Spray day efforts focus on all ownership (Federal, State, and private lands).  Volunteers must be 18 to spray or any age to pull. Bring sprayers (if you have them) and come ready to work with gloves, long pants, boots, water, and a sack lunch. Spray day locations and dates listed below. 

For more information, call the Beaverhead County Weed Districts office: (406) 683-3790 or Amber Burch, Beaverhead County Weed District Supervisor (406) 935-1346. 


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