This spring, the Big Hole Watershed Committee is partnering with the Centennial Valley Association to provide livestock carcass removal to Sage Creek Ranchers.  Carcass removal is provided free-of-charge, and carcasses are hauled to the Beaverhead County Landfill.  Removing carcasses from ranches during calving season – which is a high mortality period for the ranching industry – removes predator attractant, controls predator populations, and makes predators work for their lunch rather than feeding on livestock.  Carcass removal may also prevent livestock-predator conflict.  The carcass removal dump truck is on loan from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service – Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.  For more information or to arrange for carcass removal, contact BHWC Wildlife Programs Technician, Kim Bingen, at 406-660-2158 or



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