With your help we can meet challenge & accept opportunity.


We invested in building our organization these last couple years and it’s paying big dividends. We are taking on big conservation work through a consistent and stable organization. But we need your help. Your contributions give us the support  we need to continue our work. Grant funds don’t cover what your dollars support—things like:

  • Flow Monitoring: In 2016 we committed to $9,100 just like we do annually to keep USGS gages operating. We also added the Wise River gage, a $10,000 investment we made in 2015. We made this commitment because we know they are important, and we are counting on our supporters to help us cover the cost.
  • Project Development: From initial meetings with partners, funding requests, working with contractors, and developing a case for funding, project development takes time and is not funded by grants.
  • Outreach: Each month we provide an opportunity for anyone to join us to learn and discuss our watershed. We also provide additional outreach opportunities as well as updates via website, email, and social media.
  • Support Projects: From individual, small projects to supporting large projects, donations can provide some much-needed support for projects that need to be polished-off.
  • Involvement in regional partnerships that bring resources and knowledge back to our area.
  • Opportunity: With your support, the opportunities are boundless. We can adapt to meet the needs of our area and our people, expand our programs to support our river, and be flexible to take advantage of great opportunities that come our way.


Please consider contributing to, investing in BHWC.



We accept several forms of donations.  Click here to make an online donation or mail your contribution to us at the address listed below:



PO Box 21

Divide, MT  59727


We also accept livestock donations, stocks and bonds, and we’re enrolled in the Montana State Employee’s Charitable Giving Campaign so State employees can make payroll contributions directly to BHWC. Join the momentum.

Thank you for your support.