Make a Donation to the Big Hole River

Your gift will ensure quality water and habitat for fish, wildlife, and all users of the Big Hole River, and so much more. Starting with you, we will be able to continue our efforts to conserve the Big Hole Watershed for the long-term.

We have several avenues ready for your contribution:

Make a Secure Donation Online:

Set up a one time or reoccurring donation by credit card or EFT from your bank account securely online. We can also process your contribution over the phone.

Donate Online

Mail your donation to us:

Big Hole Watershed Committee
PO Box 21
Divide, MT  59727

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds:

Give to BHWC using stocks and securities – give a larger gift to BHWC and enjoy a tax credit.

Let’s say for example, you’ve decided donate the value of your selected stock to BHWC. You could donate the stock directly to BHWC and receive the entire value as charitable donation tax credit without having to pay income tax on the profits, and BHWC would receive the entire value of the stock to help us continue our good work. However, if you instead sold the stock and then gave the profit of the sale to BWHC, you would pay income tax on the sale’s profit, and then receive charitable donation benefit for the remaining donation to us and your donation to us would be the original value minus the taxes you paid.

We are ready to accept your donation through our account at D.A. Davidson and Company. Please contact us for details on how to use this option.

Planned Giving

Planned giving can be incorporated into your financial plans anytime, no matter your situation. Please let us know if we can help. Planned giving can help add long-term security to our work.

Donate Livestock

You can make a substantial gift to the Big Hole Watershed Committee and reduce your taxes with a gift of livestock. Donate your livestock at the time of sale and give the entire value of your livestock as a donation, rather than paying tax on your sale and giving what’s left after taxes as your donation after the sale. Livestock can include cattle, sheep, horses, or other. Visit our Livestock donation page for more information.

Donate Livestock