This spring, BHWC opened a livestock carcass compost site and is providing carcass removal free-of-charge to Big Hole ranchers from Jackson to Divide during calving season, March-May, 2017. Carcasses are picked up by our Wildlife Programs Technician, Kim Bingen, using a dump truck borrowed from the USFWS – Red Rock Lakes NWR and transported to the new compost facility near Wisdom. Once at the compost site, carcasses are broken down into minimal amounts of compost. Removing and composting carcasses removes predator attractant from the landscape to reduce predator-livestock conflict and help manage predator populations by limiting their food supply. Similar programs have had tremendous success in other areas of Montana.

 All information regarding livestock and ranching operations is kept confidential.

BHWC’s carcass management programs are a collaborative effort with many contributors, including the USFWS-Red Rock Lakes NWR, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the Wildlife Conservation Society – Community Partnerships Program, USFWS-Montana Partners for Fish and Wildlife, People and Carnivores, Cinnabar Foundation, Montana Livestock Loss Board, and many local ranchers who have contributed wood chips, use of heavy equipment, knowledge, donations, and support.

Contact us for more information or get in touch with Kim to schedule carcass removal. Kim Bingen: 406-660-2158 or