The Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area has gone and will continue to undergo extensive efforts to remediate the property from damages caused by historic placer mining, logging, and smelter operations.  BHWC recently compiled a report showing before and after aerial imagery of the restoration efforts to-date. 

BHWC is a major partner in the restoration of Mount Haggin, working closely with the Natural Resource Damage Program and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Together we work in several areas of Mount Haggin to restore natural habitat for native fish, stream function, wetlands, water quality, and water storage while restoring historic mining. Our work takes Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks directives for wildlife, habitat and native fish, hosts project development and implementation, hosts and raises funds from state, federal and local sources and leverage matching funds in order to complete holistic remedies for watershed health.


From 2012 to 2016 we will have hosted project work covering 4 steams and $1.2 million in restoration and more than $1 million planned for 2017-2019 pending funding awards.


Click here to view before and after images of the restoration of Mount Haggin.