Join us Wednesday, July 25th at the Wise River Community Building for our favorite event of the year – the annual Wildlife Speaker Series: Big Hole event! It’s free & kids are welcome.

This year, we’ll be learning about Western Pearlshell Mussels (which live right here in the Big Hole) with Dave Stagliano, an aquatic biologist with the Montana Biological Survey. The event will include a potluck (6pm – main course from Beaverhead Meats), with Dave’s presentation starting at 7pm. Dave will also discuss the importance of water quality to sensitive species like native mussels. We can’t wait!


Event co-hosted with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Community Partnerships program and funded by Patagonia and Montana Department of Environmental Quality/Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana Mini-Grant program.


For directions or to learn more about the Wildlife Speaker Series, visit the WCS Community Partnership program’s website or Facebook page.

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