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Big Hole River Floodplain Maps State Adoption

floodplainBig Hole River Floodplain Maps undergo public comment in preparation for state adoption. This page provides information and public comment details.

Big Hole River Stream Flow & Drought Management Plan 2015

DMP MapFind the 2015 Big Hole River Drought Management Plan, as well as information about Big Hole River flows, temperatures and latest status and reports here.

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Big Hole River Recreation Rules up for MFWP Review

This Big Hole River and Beaverhead Recreation Rules are up for 5 year review this year. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is hosting two public meetings: Wednesday, October 21, 6-8pm, Dillon – University of Montana-Western Block Hall #311 Thursday, October 22, … Continue reading


Request for Project Development Services Open

Big Hole Watershed Committee Request for Professional Services Project Development for Placer Mine Reclamation Oregon Creek, Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area Deadline for Submissions: October 8, 2015 View Oregon Creek Request for Professional Services PDF The Big Hole Watershed Committee … Continue reading


Sage-Grouse Not Listed!

The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that listing of the Greater Sage-Grouse on the Endangered Species Act is not warranted. Similar to the Arctic grayling listing decision last year, extensive conservation efforts and partnerships were a key part of the … Continue reading


Big Hole River Fishing Closures Lift 9/16 (whoops)

MFWP Lifts Big Hole River Fishing Closures 9/16 – Entire River is Without Restriction (whoops) MFWP lifted Big Hole River Fishing Closures today, 9/16. The opening was in response to increased flows after heavy rain and snow over the last … Continue reading


BHWC Meeting September 16

Big Hole Watershed Committee Monthly Meeting Wednesday, September 16, 2015 7pm at the Divide Grange Topic: California Creek Project – Mount Haggin Presented by Pedro Marques, Watershed Consulting  Background: A portion of the California Creek project is wrapping up this fall. The California … Continue reading


BHWC Asks for Water Conservation & Cooperation

August 18, 2015 – BHWC is asking everyone – protect the fishery by limiting fishing on stressed fish, conserve water use from irrigators and residential use, and exercise patience this late summer while we weather what remains of this drought … Continue reading


Summer 2015 Newsletter

Big Hole Watershed Committee

Summer 2015 Newsletter


Summer 2015 Drought

Big Hole River Drought Management Plan

Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area Projects

Big Hole River Floodplain Map Adoption Update

Wildlife Program Expansion

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Big Hole Area Volunteer Weed Spray Days

Each year counties sponsor volunteer weed spray days. The county arranges the spray day, provides chemical and supplies for volunteers, and coordinates weed treatment in the area for the day. The more volunteers, the more effective the spray day is. The following are spray days scheduled in the Big Hole River area for this summer:

  1. Glen – June 9, 2015 — Meet 8am at the Glen Post Office
  2. Maiden Rock – June 10, 2015 — Meet 8am at the Fishing Access Site
  3. Burma Road — June 11, 2015
  4. Wise River – June 13, 2015 — Meet 8am at the Wise River Fire Hall
  5. Melrose – June 17, 2015 — Meet 8am at Melrose Bar
  6. Dewey Cemetery – June 26, 2015 — Meet 8am at Quartz Hill Road
  7. Wisdom – June 30, 2015 — Meet 8am at Wisdom Road Shop
  8. Wise River Pull – June 18, 2015 — Meet 8am at Stanchfield Ranch
  9. Ray Tillman/Deep Creek – July 24, 2015 — Meet 8am at Ralston Ranch
  10. Wisdom – August 11 — Meet 8am at Wisdom Road Shop
  11. Wise River – September 9, 2015 — Meet 8am at Wise River Fire Hall

For more information about volunteer weed spray days, meeting locations, and other weed information, please contact your county representative:

Butte-Silver Bow County

Beaverhead County

Anaconda Deer-Lodge County

Madison County

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Lawsuit Filed 12/4/14 Against USFWS Arctic Grayling Decision

Lawsuit announced 12/4/2014 against the USFS Arctic grayling listing decision to not list the fish under the Endangered species act:

The following is from an EarthJustice press release 12/4/2014:

“The Center for Biological Diversity, Western Watersheds Project, Butte resident Pat Munday and former Montana fishing guide George Wuerthner today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the agency’s latest decision to deny protection to a unique population of Arctic grayling in Montana. The Service first determined the grayling warranted endangered status in 1994 and reaffirmed that conclusion in 2010, but reversed course in August, withholding protection from the rare and beautiful relative of trout and salmon. The groups are represented by Earthjustice in Bozeman.”

Click Here to see entire the EarthJustice press release

Click Here to view the entire Intent to Sue document

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Grayling Not Listed Under ESA!

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Today USFWS release their decision to not list the Arctic Grayling under the Endangered Species Act due to the efforts of collaborative partnerships. The Arctic grayling was the genesis of the Big Hole Watershed Committee (BHWC) in 1995. Since that time … Continue reading