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Introducing MWCC’s New Water Monitoring Resource Web Page

Looking for water monitoring information? Search monitoring resources and local and statewide program information on the MWCC Water Monitoring Resource Page!

Montana is a large state with many entities who conduct various monitoring programs. The Montana Watershed Coordination Council‘s Water Monitoring Web Page was created to better coordinate and share information between water monitoring entities as well as increase water monitoring programs. (more…)

Happy Holidays from the Big Hole Watershed Committee

We appreciate your participation and your interest in the Big Hole Valley. As 2017 closes, we are reflecting back on a great year. We have been able to sustain a healthy organization with a strong Governing Board, hardworking staff, and programs that support our focus areas: Fish & Water, Wildlife & Uplands, and People.

While we are thankful for a very good 2017, we are also looking ahead to make the most of 2018 and beyond. (more…)