Each year, the Big Hole Watershed Committee co-sponsors a Wildlife Speaker Series event with the Wildlife Conservation Society Community Partnerships program. The event is hosted in the Big Hole (often on a local ranch), is free to the public and open to all ages, includes a meal, and focuses on a wildlife species native to the Big Hole watershed. Presentations are interactive and include information on a wildlife species or other relevant wildlife topic.

2018 Wildlife SPeaker Series

The 2018 Wildlife Speaker Series event was held July 25th at the Wise River Community Building. We enjoyed a potluck dinner with main course from Beaverhead Meats in Dillon, and Dave Stagliano, with Montana Biological Survey, told us all about one of Montana’s native species, the Western Pearlshell Mussel. The species and location for the 2019 Wildlife Speaker Series will be announced spring 2019. If you have any suggestions for either species or location, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

About the Wildlife Speaker Series

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Community Partnership Program hosts a Wildlife Speaker Series each summer to increase awareness about our less controversial wildlife and engage with our local community through walks, tours, and presentations. WCS joins with local conservation groups to share interesting wildlife facts at local historical and conservation oriented venues. These events provide a social opportunity for learning and foster relationships with community members and wildlife experts. To learn more about the Wildlife Speaker Series, click here.

Past Wildlife Speaker Series Events in the Big Hole Watershed

2018 – Western Pearlshell Mussels at the Wise River Community Building. Presenter: Dave Stagliano, Montana Biological Survey

2017 – Wolverines at Great Waters Inn, Melrose. Presenter: Kris Inman, Wildlife Conservation Society

2016 – Reptiles & Amphibians at the Hagenbarth Ranch, Glen. Presenter: Matt Bell, Montana Land Reliance

2015 – Bat Walk at the Kalsta Ranch, Glen. Presenter: Matt Bell, Montana Land Reliance

2014 – Pelicans

2013 – Birds