Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will be collecting wings from hunter-harvested sage-grouse, mountain grouse, and Hungarian partridge across southern portions of Region 3 this fall/winter. Biologists will use the wings to identify birds by species and age class—juvenile or adult. This helps biologists monitor upland game bird populations.

Hunters: If you pass a wing collection barrel while traveling from a hunt, please put one wing from each harvested bird into the barrel. Wings can also be turned into area wildlife biologists or game wardens. 

Wing collection barrels will be placed in the following locations during the sage-grouse hunting season:

  • Hook and Horn Mercantile, Wisdom
  • Sportsmen’s Campground along the Big Hole River, Montana Hwy. 43
  • Blue Moon Trading Post, Divide
  • Mill Creek Highway at the check station site, three miles southeast of Anaconda
  • FWP office in Dillon
  • The intersection of Big Sheep and Muddy Creek roads
  • The intersection of Medicine Lodge and Horse Prairie Creek roads
  • Snowline Block Management Area’s sign-in box
  • The intersection of the Ruby River and Sweetwater roads
  • The Upper Sweetwater Basin Block Management Area sign-in box
  • The intersection of Blacktail Deer Creek and Rock Creek roads
  • Lima Reservoir Dam
  • The east side of Monida Hill along the South Centennial Road
  • Near the mouth of Sage Creek
  • Along the High Road west of Twin Bridges

For more information, contact wildlife biologists Dean Waltee (Sheridan), Craig Fager (Dillon) or Vanna Boccadori (Butte) by calling 406-994-4042.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks appreciates your help with gathering information on upland game birds in southwest Montana.

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